Band Bio

Name:  Bob Rolle
Instrument: Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting
Home Town: Chisholm, Mn
First music you used your own money to buy:  Get the Knack on 8 track
Inane fact: I wear a size 9 (L) and 7.5 (R) for shoes


Name: Brian Hoer
Instrument: Drums
Home Town:Mexico, Missouri
First music you used your own money to buy:Led Zeppelin 1
Inane fact: Radio active materials don't give you superpowers


Name: Bryan Blew
Instrument:Bass Guitar
Home Town:Kansas City, KS
First music you used your own money to buy:Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil
Inane fact: I can't whistle

Background:  My wife and I moved to Kansas City from the Twin Cities in April 2013 after she was recruited to a new position. I found a job. Set up my home studio and recorded a solo album as lesserhasbeens. Around about March 2014 after a trip to see my best friend, I decided to make the jump to take the songs live. It took a year and half to work out our line up into the trio that we are now. Since then we have been playing regionally to support one album and two EPs. I am far to close to the music to come up with a straight forward description of our sound, but I can tell you that I count myself as one lucky man to play with the rhythm section that I do. Brian and Bryan are fantastic musicians and better human beings and friends. They literally drive our sound: big, fat, funky, smooth that allows me to do all the noise rock pedal work I want and still have everything make sense. Hit the player on the pages. See what you think. We hope you love it, Bob Rolle