Songs from the Live Set List

sun dogs



The summer sun cascades and collides
off the sand and sweat
while the sun dogs split and divide
a perfect summer sky, and yet

Lost in that yellow haze and halo
and all of that numbing fog
a blood warm falling glow
tumbling again with the sun dogs

your eyes sparkle and shine
when your hand was mine
running to the car in the downburst
stuck together for better and worse

now your eyes are as cold as ice in this january cold
and like waves on white seas the drifts rise and collaspe
did we bury the sun beneath the snow?
It's a little too late when we are stuck here together
with no place left to go

your eyes sparkle and when you hand is no longer in mine
did I lose you in all that numbing fog?
dreaming of what used to be and the sun dogs.

written by B. Rolle and published by lesserhasbeensmusic, 2015, all rights